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Happy Birthday Poem

We already had a fantastic son
And desperately wanted a fantastic girl
And on March 29, 1986
We had our precious pearl;

Over the years you've brought us great joy…
You're a doll…but much better than the wind up toy;
You're beautiful bright & kind
And you know how to speak your mind!

You think that traveling anywhere is divine;
When we finally do go to the moon
You'll be the first in line!
But right now from University of Florida
We're celebrating Graduation time!

The girl that left home four years ago
Is still a big part of you
But you've matured into a woman now
And when people look at you they say "Wow!"

You have it all
And we know that you will continue to
Achieve all your goals and to have a ball.
You're a star and in life you'll go far.
Now there's one more thing to say
We all love you…Congratulations on your special day!