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Sweet 16 Birthday Poem

You're Beautiful And Brainy Too.
Academics Are Easy For You.
If You Get Below An A+ In Some Work,
The Teacher Is Probably A Jerk!

There's No Doubt,
That When You Apply To College
All Of You're AP Courses Will Carry Clout!
You Play 2nd Singles On Your Varsity Tennis Team
Playing 1st Singles Is This Season's Dream.

You Won An Award In Volleyball Too.
You're A Winner In Everything You Do.
You Love To Read And Dance,
And Did So From A Very Early Age.
Possibly One Day We'll See You On A Broadway Stage.

Being A Doctor Could Be In Store For You
Since You Won A Chemistry Award Too.
About Movies You're Often 'Talkin'…
Maybe You'll Be The Next Leonard Maltin.

There Are So Many Things That You Love To Do.
Did I Forget To Mention Shopping?
That's A Biggie For You!
Your Beauty Causes People To Stare.
For Your Family You're Always There.

There's One More Thing To Say
You're Special In Every Way!
"You're Just Too Good To Be True!"
We All Love You!