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Candlelighting Poems

Mom and Dad, I could search the whole world through
And still want my parents to be you.
We moved to Montvale in 1998 and life here has been great.
I'll always remember our family vacations together.
Bowling, miniature golfing and playing cards is fun,
And to my soccer, baseball games and social events we're always on the run.
Mom and Dad, I love you. Thanks for everything that you do.
And thanks for this special Bar Mitzvah day too.
Mom and Dad, Candle #11 is waiting for you.

Poem for My Parents

I try not to be a follower in my life,
But I definitely want to follow
The way my mom is as a mother & wife.
My father is the best dad I could ever have.
They both don't want to see me sad;
So they go out of their way to make me glad.
For example, they have bought so many animals for me,
That my home often seems like a menagerie.
For a Mom & Dad, I have "the Dream Team."
With them, my life is great. I feel like a movie queen.
Mom & Dad, I love you so much,
Thanks for everything you do.
And thanks for this special day too.
Mom & Dad please come up. A candle is waiting here for you.