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Happy "50th" Birthday!

You're Just Too Good To Be True.
There's No One Quite Like You.
Your Smile Is Contagious
Your Jokes Are Outrageous.
Around You People Can't Be Blue.

Brookly College You Did Attend.
In 1973 You Met John Through Mutual Friends.
In 1974 You Were Wed,
While Still A Brooklyn College Coed.

You Certainly Worked Your Magic Fast.
And 30 Years Later,
You're Life With John,
Joe And Diana Is Still A Blast!

You, John, Joe And Diana
Have A Unique Creative Streak.
John Plays The Piano;
Joe And Diana Act Or Sing
And You Have Your Special Creative Thing…

Your Pond, Of Which You Are Enormously Fond.
You Are An "Artiste"
Who Produced A Backyard Masterpiece.
You Will Sit Outside For Hours
 Lovingly Gazing At Your Pond And Flowers.

No Matter Where You Are
You Feel Your Backyard Is The Best By Far!
 'Hand In Hand We'll Mosie,"
Looking At Your Posies,
Life Is Always Rosie With A Friend Like You."

Nowadays You Will Very Rarely
Get Into Your Car And Travel Far
From The "Magical" Pond
Of Which You Are Very Fond,

But When You Do Leave Home
It's Straight To The Tag And Estate Sales You Roam.
Buying All Of Your Treasures.
Finding Just The Right One Brings You Great Pleasure.

If You Find Something On The Street
That You Think Is Neat You Will Bring That Home Too.
Very Infrequently Will You
Be Seen In The Stores Buying New.
Only Tag Sale Oldies And Street Discards Thrill You!

You Seem To Like Occupations
Starting With "P"
Before You Became A Pond Specialist
You Were A Portfolio Specialist

Of Your Own Stocks That Is.
And Were Quite The Stock Market Wiz.
With A Change Of Occupation,
Came A Change Of Location.

You're No Longer Always Inside
On Your Computer And Phone.
Now, (No Matter What The Weather Is Like Outside),
Around Your Pond You Do Roam.

With Your Creative, Outgoing, Whimsical
Nurturing And Fun Personality,
You Should Have Been In Show Biz.
You Should Be On The Oprah Show
Informing Everyone On How To Make Things Grow.

Or How To Keep Your Skin Flawless And Aglow.
On Your Beautiful Face Age Never Shows.
You Like To Hike And Bike.
And Never Seem To Get Tired,

But Your Friends Do,
So It Can Be Very Exhausting Keeping Up With You.
You Never Have Anyone Snoring
Because You're Never Boring.

You're Never Fake
So Phoneys You Can't Take.
You're An Asset In Our Town…
You're Always So Much Fun To Be Around.

We Hope That When You're A Century
You'll Be The Same Way That You Are Today,
And That We'll Be Together In Your Backyard
Celebrating The Hundredth Birthday
Of A Very Loving, Sincere, Special Lady.

You're A Great Wife, A Great Mother,
And A Great Friend. We Love You.
Always Stay The Way You Are...
Because You're A "Star!"
Happy 50th Birthday!