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Bat Mitzvah Speech

The theme of Jane's Bat Mitzvah is "Candy" which is very appropriate because Jane is so sweet. A teacher once described Jane as being "so sweet that she gives me cavities!"  Even though Jane is very sweet, she's no push over!! Just ask her brothers. She can be very tough when she needs to be & growing up with two strong brothers, she's needed to be!

Sweet is just one of the many adjectives that can be used to describe our beautiful daughter. Other adjectives would be caring, very family oriented, confident, smart, funny and loving. She can make anyone feel at home and is very good interacting with people of all ages.

Last year Jane and I went together to LA and I enjoyed our special time together. I had to keep reminding myself that she was only twelve because she acted so much more mature. But I shouldn't have been surprised about that because she's always acted mature for her age.  

When we're all together, we have a very large family! It's a good thing that Jane is family oriented and always shows love towards her family. When she's at camp she makes sure that her younger cousins are tucked in at night and she's always excited when she hears about a wonderful achievement that her brothers have had at their camp. She's a fabulous sister to them and we know that deep down they appreciate that!

From all the many friends that she has here celebrating with us today, you can see that she is well liked. To Jane I want to say that we love you very much. Not only are you a wonderful daughter, but you're also a fabulous person. It's our hope that in your future, you'll have a daughter as amazing as you! Congratulations on all your achievements. Having a daughter like you is like being in a candy store…it's such a treat!!