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Happy Birthday Poem

I love being your wife
We have a wonderful life
You always make me feel 10 feet tall
With you I always have a ball

You've become a big gator football fan
And soon you'll be watching them in the very loud gator stand
But tennis is your sport
And at Ahdeek round robins you rule the court!

The first year we met my butt was all wet,
And I was upset,
And you didn't think my attitude was great,
But then a year later we went on our first date
You didn't quite get me then
(And sometimes you still don't today).

Why was I blowing kisses to you in the backseat anyway?
The answer is I thought you were very neat,
And still do;
I love being married to you.
You're an amazing father and son in law too.

When my mother first saw you from her bedroom window
She knew right away
That you would be my husband one day.
As usual Mom was right
Our future is very bright.

I look forward to spending the next 50 or so years with you
"You're just too good to be true,"
And I'll always love you.