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In the very early morn,
On August 27th, 1982 you were born 6lbs., 19 in. long.
Your scream was so fierce
That every eardrum in the room you pierced.
But you were adorable as could be,
And just upset about getting up early.

Until you were one, Fort Lee, NJ. Was your home.
In our townhouse, You Dad and I had so much fun.
But after one year, we shed a tear.
When we had to leave that place for a home with more space.
Our new home in Upper Saddle River, NJ was built just in time
For your 1 year birthday party which was sublime.

When you turned three, a hundred people came to your party.
"Mr. Giggles" was the entertainment.
Your sense of humor came through when he was interacting with you.
It became apparent at this early age that you enjoyed being "center stage."
Between 4 & 7 years old, you did
17 national commercials & 2 Cosby shows too.
It was obvious that show biz could be for you.

In Middle School all the coaches knew you well
Because in all sports you excel.
Baseball & tennis became your favorite two.
It was Jim M.'s baseball team that you will always recall.
At the end of the season your team won the championship
And you were given the game ball.

In high school it was in your dreams
That you could play on both the spring baseball & tennis teams.
Playing tennis was what you decided to do
Which was a good choice because it brought great recognition to you.

Making Varsity tennis as a freshman was quite a feat.
And together with Chris, every other 1st doubles team you did defeat.
Since you were undefeated and won the County Championship too
1st team honors went to Chris & you.

This same honor was awarded to you again as a sophomore
With Jeff as your partner.
You played 3rd singles as a junior
And as a senior you played 1st singles & became captain too
In your high school tennis career 89 out of 99 matches were won by you.
Your coach holds you in high esteem,
During an interview he said you were the "rock" of the team.

There's always 100% effort coming from you.
One example stands out from the rest.
Your mental & physical strength were put to the test.
You were playing in the county finals.

It came down to the 3rd set & it was very hot.
With blisters on your hands and stomach cramps
Default against your arch rival Eric you would not.
Your energy was depleted but the match you completed.

It shows how strong mentally & physically you are
In life this strength will carry you far.
Watching you that day, facing that challenge with all of your might
Made Dad & I so proud and realize that we had raised you right.

As a Varsity debate team, you & Jimmy reigned supreme.
You were the team to beat, and
When you won 3 out of 4 debates against Frisch, victory was sweet.
This was because the debate teams of Frisch are extremely hard to defeat.

You enjoy playing chess too
Therefore, it wasn't a surprise that
The 1st chess team at your school included you.
Anytime, anywhere there's competition, you'll be there.

On Saturday & Sunday the family room couch is your favorite place to be,
Clicking the TV remote control merrily.
Despite the fact that your study habits weren't sublime
Your High School G.P.A. of 3.6 was very fine.

You're very particular about your hair.
Appreciate it now when it's still there.
But just look at your papa (who you look like) and you'll see
That later on, just as handsome without hair, you'll be.

You're kind, strong & unique;
And because you're an independent thinker & so bright
You won't go along with a peer group decision because they say it's right.
For issues that you strongly believe in you'll fight,
And try to make the others see that you're right.

You're so special in every way.
We love you so much and we want to say
You're a sensational son &
We're so proud of the young man you are today.