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25th Wedding Anniversary

Your "matchmaker" was Randy "the Great,"
who felt Bob would be Jill's perfect mate.
He had known Jill growing up in the "5 Towns,"
And this is how it all went down...

Randy asked his friend Bob to pick up Jill at her apt.on E.62nd St.,
And then drive together to Vermont where all his friends would meet.
Jill had asked Randy if her dogs could come too...Bob said "that won't do!"
But all it took was one look at Jill & Bob was hooked!

So Jill's dogs came,
And for them, after that Vermont weekend, nothing was the same.
Jill & Bob's lives as singles went down the drain!
They soon knew that they were each other's favorite mate & set a wedding date.

On July 27th, 1980 you were wed.
It was such a beautiful ceremony that many tears were shed.
"Tonight I celebrate my love for you" was your wedding song.
It was obvious to everyone that together is where you belong.

You & all your friends lived at the Murray Hill "Mews."
There wasn't time to snooze.
There were parties galore,
And your life was never a bore.

The "Mews" was one big happy dorm...
Your group took NYC & the Hamptons by storm!
First came love, then came marriage,
And then came the baby carriage.

Jill & Bob had been working together in a NYC biz,
And felt worried & blue when the biz went fizz. What to do?
A friend who was more like a "bro" said "I know;"
We'll work together in my clothing biz & make it grow.

Bob decided that this was what he wanted to do,
So you sadly bid your beloved "Mews" "adieu,
And then it was off to Ridgewood, NJ for you.
Moving onto a quiet suburban block was quite a shock.

As a Ridgewood couple you were immediately a hit.
Your group of friends expanded quite a bit.
For your family, Ridgewood became a perfect fit.
Jill, the ultimate city girl, even learned how to knit!

Your NJ group started when Jill & I met on the stairmaster in the gym,
And through the years, we've been through "thick & thin."
Wild & crazy parties like those at the "Mews" were no more.
Instead, Mickey & Minnie were knocking at your door.

After 25 years, you still look like each other's "hot" date,
And with your NJ & NY friends you'll always highly rate.
As parents & friends "you're too good to be true."
In another 25 years, we look forward to celebrating your "50th" with you!