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Happy Birthday Poem

On July 24th you were born,
And you've taken the world by storm!
It's amazing the capacity of love that you share
Because when you were 16, your mother died & your father wasn't there.

Living with your sister Mil wasn't such a thrill
Because she could be quite a pill;
But together you survived what came your way,
And that helped make you the very strong beautiful woman you are today.

When you were very young,
You met Dad & 40 years later, he's still "the one."
You've always been there for Ron & me,
And thanks to you & dad, we're a close family.

As a mom, we can't think of anything you've done wrong.
On Oprah Winfrey's best mom show is where you belong!
We love you so much. There's one more thing to say...
We hope that everything you wish for comes your way.
Happy Birthday!