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Congratulations Graduate!

You're In Hofstra University Now!
And You Did It Your Way.
How Many Kids Can Say
That They Have Their Own Pad
In Their Home
Complete With Entertainment Center
Computer And Phone?
How Did You Manage To Study?
And Yet You Did,
Because You're Such A Smart Kid.
Mr. Abercrombie And Fitch,
Good Thing You're Goal Is To Become Rich.
With You're Business Acumen
You Will Succeed Too
 In Everything You Set Your Mind To Do.
You Want To Start A Restaurant Chain
With "Igloos" As It's Name.
You're Car You Definitely Treasure,
Against Your Camaro
No Other Car Can Measure.
You Can Put Anything Together One Two Three,
And Make It Look So Easy.
You Always Look So Immaculate And Clean
That's Why About You,
All Girls Will Dream.
In The Muscle Dept. You're Doing Quite Fine
That's Another Reason Why
Girls Want To Be With You All The Time.
You Don't Like A Curfew.
Nevertheless, You're A Great Nephew.
You Have A Great Deal Of Charisma
And Common Sense, Too.
In Short, The Word "Sensational" Describes You.
We're So Happy That Geographically
At Hofstra You'll Be Very Near,
Because To Us You're Very Dear.
We Love You!