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Give something better than a toaster! Our personalized poems for anniversary or weddings are an unbeatable method to show the happy couple how much you care. Personal poems are a very unique and thoughtful way to give a gift that will truly be remembered for years to come. Detailed questionnaires ensure that each part of your relationship is naturally included throughout the poem and we match the wording and tone of the poem to reflect your request.

We can also craft poems to read at the actual ceremony, making a loving impression for all those in attendance. Each of our personalized wedding or engagement poems are designed to convey the love and affection you have in the perfect words that speak straight to the heart. We work with you until you are completely satisfied with the result. Simply fill out an order form to begin the process of this unparalleled gift.

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25th Wedding Anniversary

Even though you don’t like it when we fuss over you,
I insist that I do because “You’re just too good to be true.”
When I first saw you at Annabel’s you made my day
I wanted you to “meet my mam” right away!

I was nervous from my head to my toes
When on a New York subway I proposed;
You didn’t feel that the setting was right,
So I proposed again at the Windows of the World that night.

For the first few years we lived in Baltimore;
You know life for us has never been a bore.
We’ve had wonderful times traveling far and wide.
In this trip through life I love having you by my side.

Our most exciting adventure by far
Is raising Nicholas, our Prodigy, our own “super star.”
You’re a fabulous mother to our wonderful son.
And along with Mel, Hilda and Bill he’s had so much fun.

But we’ve had difficult times too.
For seven years your kidney wasn’t functioning great,
But being a very positive cheery person
You always knew you would get a firm transplant date.

You’re beautiful, classy, brave, strong and bright,
And you always do things exactly so right.
Rarely will you ask a favour, but when you do,
They better say “yes” fast or you won’t let them do that favour for you!

Now December’s a wonderful month for us two;
17th we were married, 27th Sean’s gift to you.
You’re still “too good to be true,”
I was so lucky to be at Annabel’s the same night as you.

One of the happiest days of my life was when you said “I do.”
I will always love you.
So there’s one more thing to say…
Happy “25th” wedding anniversary today!