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Personalized Wedding Poems

Wedding anniversary poems seem to always make an impression! Whether this is your first year together or you’re passing the 50-year mark, it’s important to show your loved ones how much you care. Our custom wedding anniversary poems for parents, significant others or friends are an elegant and thoughtful way to make this day just as special as the original.

Simply fill out a questionnaire giving us those personalized details, and we will turn it into beautiful wedding verses for you to lovingly present. From 50th wedding anniversary poems to “A Year Ago Today,” our work always strikes exactly the right chord. We work with you until you’re completely satisfied we’ve captured just the right words to express your sentiments. Don’t miss the opportunity to make this an anniversary to remember.

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Give something better than a toaster. Our personalized wedding anniversary poems are an unbeatable way to show the happy couple that you care enough to buy a thoughtful gift. Detailed questionnaires ensure that each detail of your relationship is naturally included throughout the poem, making it an indispensable gift. Whether it’s a 25th or 50th wedding anniversary poems, or simply a heartfelt inscription, it’s impossible to go wrong with a personalized message.

We can also craft poems to read at a wedding, making a loving impression for all those in attendance. Each of our personalized wedding anniversary poems for parents or friends is designed to convey the love and affection you have for the couple. We work with you until you are completely satisfied with the result. Simply fill out an order form to begin the process of this unparalleled gift.


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Wedding Poem

I love saying this…
Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Bob Smith!

You met in the 9th grade;
Tennis you both played.
Some years went by before your first official date;
That happened at Al Dente Restaurant in Boston in May 2008.

Bob, it was in Hilton Head when I first met you.
Every day, Robin, you, Kim & I played Boggle on the beach exactly at 2.
There was such a happy feeling emanating from both of you,
So even though I always lost, I couldn’t feel blue.

I wasn’t surprised when my beautiful niece told me
That you were going to be a new addition to our family!
I’m sure that Robin will never lose the Tee
That your finger traced the words on the back “Will You Marry Me!”

The engagement ring that you designed
On Robin’s finger looked so divine.
You gave each other a great gift in life
When you said “I do” to becoming man and wife.

It’s very easy to see
That your love is strong & together is where you belong.
Our wish for you is that all your dreams come true. 
And knowing the two of you we’re sure that will happen too!

So there’s one more thing to say
Congratulations on your wedding Day!!